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foodpanda Malaysia launches first-of-its-kind Smart Rider Bags for a game-changing programmatic digital out-of-home advertising solution

November 9, 2023
foodpanda Malaysia launches first-of-its-kind Smart Rider Bags for a game-changing programmatic digital out-of-home advertising solution

Partners can participate in an ongoing pilot program with panda ads in Johor Bahru to expand the reach and visibility of their advertisements

Johor Bahru, Nov 9, 2023 — foodpanda Malaysia is proud to introduce the cutting-edge Smart Rider Bags solution, a transient Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising technology platform. The first of its kind in Malaysia, this revolutionary approach transcends the limitations of traditional billboards, redefining how advertisers engage with their audiences. 

The launch of Smart Rider Bags, represents the latest milestone in foodpanda’s integrated advertising solution, panda ads, offering scalable and programmatic DOOH advertising solutions for partners. They are poised to enhance panda ads’ solutions to offer brands and partners the full-funnel and omnichannel experience, ensuring that they reach customers more effectively and bridge the offline-online gap via multiple touchpoints.

The innovative measurement tools known as LUMOS Intelligence are used for real-time tracking of the impact of DOOH advertisements. foodpanda has integrated the programmatic DOOH network with LUMOS’ proprietary audience intelligence engine to help advertisers track accurate and measurable campaign insights. 

Santiago de la Torre, Head of Advertising and Partnerships, foodpanda Malaysia, said, “With the implementation of this technology, we are able to solve some of the main pain points that advertisers have when investing in DOOH, which mainly are limited reach and visibility, lack of real-time accurate performance data and the inability to close the funnel and bridge the efforts between OOH and online digital campaigns.”

As part of the panda ads’ pilot program starting this November, the Smart Rider Bags can be seen on the backs of the foodpanda delivery partners as they ride through the bustling streets of Johor Bahru.

Advertisers can now gain granular-level insights into the performance of their ads in real-time through a live dashboard, allowing them to view the routes taken by delivery partners at each point in time and a heat map showing the demographics of the ad viewers. LUMOS’ programmatic advertising capabilities and agile optimisation strategies, can help advertisers identify customer profiles and retarget ads on their smartphones through online channels within the delivery partners’ vicinity. By Q1 2024, the Smart Bags will include capabilities for precise geo-targeting. This heralds a new realm of cost-effective, data-driven advertising for panda ads’ advertisers.

“The growing demand for convenience has led to a surge in online food orders, subsequently prompting p-hailing riders to go around the city for timely deliveries. Recognising this trend, we seized the opportunity to collaborate with foodpanda to introduce programmatic IoT-enabled LED screens on the bags of their delivery partners while providing scalable AdTech solutions to an area where out-of-home advertising remains fragmented to increase advertisers’ exposure rates,” said Eric Fan, Founder and CEO of LUMOS.

“Our capability to offer real-time targeting and audience measurement is poised to be a game-changer, not only for foodpanda but also for advertisers seeking to reach increasingly diverse and segmented audiences,” Fan added.

Designed for a seamless experience in the native app environment, panda ads will ensure user engagement without interrupting their foodpanda experience. Brands interested in DOOH advertising can benefit from a discounted monthly rate as low as RM600 per bag and receive end-to-end support from foodpanda, encompassing everything from the initial ideation and activation phases to in-depth reporting and insights-sharing.

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