Customers come first

We're far more than just swift food delivery. foodpanda enables customers to pick up their takeaway meals, skip boring grocery trips and send parcels. Customer needs are the core and centre of our business. Download the app to experience true convenience.

Our riders are our heroes

We're here to provide exciting opportunities and empower work flexibility. Learn more about our riders' journey or sign up to become one.

Growing with our partners

We work with the best restaurants and stores. We support our partners every step of the way and empower their growth. Ready to take your business to the next level?

Our values

Get 1% better every day

Very often the improvements we make may not show results right away. It’s important to stay resilient and always ask ourselves - what’s that one thing we can do better today.

Own it

We believe in owning the problems we encounter, even when they stretch past our own areas of expertise. We stay accountable, focus on solutions, and don’t make excuses. We own the things we say and do, and are accountable for the outcomes.

Decide fast, take risks, get it done

We must not be afraid to make decisions and take action, even when we face uncertainty. We learn from mistakes, keep iterating, and always focus on execution.

Launch moonshots

Sometimes it’s the crazy ideas that become the biggest success stories. By looking beyond the limits of today, we set ourselves up to succeed tomorrow.

Win through diversity

Our ongoing commitment to diversity lies not only in the belief that it’s what’s right, but also that it helps us win. Diversity empowers our problem-solving, fuels innovation, emboldens our decision-making, and is a key part of our success.

Stay humble

We’ve all got room to improve, so we need to stay self-critical and maintain a low ego. Listen to all the views in the room, and remember that both individually and as a company, there’s always room for growth.

Create magical experiences

Whether it’s our users, restaurants, riders, or pandas, we believe that the key to keeping them with us is to continuously wow them with magical experiences.