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foodpanda and The Trade Desk partner up to provide brands with data-driven retail media solutions

Over 80% rise in conversions for Knorr in Taiwan with this partnership

23 April 2024, APAC – foodpanda, a leading food and grocery delivery network in Asia, today announced a strategic partnership with The Trade Desk, a global advertising technology leader, that will enable brands to better reach their target audience and measure the success of digital advertising campaigns on the open internet. The collaboration will span seven markets, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

The partnership features multiple retail media solutions powered by The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform and foodpanda’s first-party retail data. This enables brands to engage with foodpanda customers on the open internet via The Trade Desk’s platform across channels such as OTT, music streaming, mobile apps, gaming, and websites, expanding their reach beyond foodpanda’s integrated advertising solution, panda ads. All data is pseudonymised, ensuring that customer identities remain anonymous.

Additionally, it allows brands to measure the impact of their ad campaigns on conversions. With these insights, brands can aim to optimise their ads in real-time, through ways that were previously not possible, helping them make informed decisions that could help boost their performance objectives.

Case Study: Beta launch for Knorr in Taiwan

During its beta phase in 2023, the solutions helped Unilever’s Knorr reach new customers and drive conversions for their new product line on foodpanda in Taiwan. To achieve this, Knorr leveraged TTD’s platform and used foodpanda’s retail data to target foodpanda subscribers, leading to a 229% uptick in add-to-cart rates and an 81% increase in conversions. Notably, 87% of their buyers were new customers, highlighting the campaign’s success in attracting a wider audience, fostering engagement, and expanding market reach. 

“We are on a mission to grow foodpanda into the retail media network of choice. Our partnership with The Trade Desk is perfect for the era of consent-based advertising, where first-party data is key for targeted, personalised marketing. Leveraging the rapid growth of quick commerce, we help brands reach millions of tech-savvy customers, connecting them in ways that were not possible before,” said Wen Zhe Lim, Director, Advertising & Partnerships, foodpanda.

“Retail data is reshaping the landscape of marketing, and our partnership with foodpanda represents the incredible opportunity brands have to improve the effectiveness of their advertising spend through the adoption of data-driven strategies on the open internet,” said Chris Mooney, GM, Data Partnerships APAC, The Trade Desk.  “Retail data provides brands better targeting and performance measurement, enabling them to understand how their advertising dollars impact actual sales. We are thrilled to join forces with a company that is pioneering new approaches to digital advertising.”

“Partnering with The Trade Desk and foodpanda played a crucial role in the success of our recent campaign for Knorr, enabling us to reach new audience segments on the open internet. We were extremely pleased with the significant increases in add-to-cart rates, conversions, and new buyers the campaign delivered,”said Sharon Liu, Marketing Manager of Nutrition, Unilever Taiwan.

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