foodpanda, CTBC Bank launch co-branded credit card

Featuring 10% discount on food delivery orders, exclusive rewards on apparel purchases

15 DECEMBER 2023, TAIPEI – Continuing to expand and enhance its delivery service offerings, Berlin-headquartered foodpanda this year partnered with CTBC Bank on launching the first delivery-focused credit card, offering a 10% discount on orders from McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks, among other popular chains, as well as a 4% reward on purchases of popular apparel brands UNIQLO, ZARA, and H&M. The credit card is the top choice for value-minded consumers seeking the best deals in 2024.

Industry leaders foodpanda and CTBC Bank collaborate on launching ecosystem with most discounts, perks, payment options

As delivery services become a part of everyday life for the modern consumer, a recent study by Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute found that foodpanda is at the top of its industry, with 71% of consumers listing foodpanda as their most used platform. This year, foodpanda has teamed up with CTBC Bank, a leading issuer, on launching the market’s first delivery-focused co-branded credit card.

According to foodpanda, 70% of their customers use mobile payment apps, and among these users,  30% are CTBC Bank customers, motivating foodpanda and CTBC Bank to team up on launching a co-branded credit card, offering the best deals and most comprehensive perks. The co-branded credit card offers 10% cashback, directly providing a tangible reward valued by consumers. Upon approval, cardholders can also choose between different gift options, including a carry-on trunk, an electric wok, and a free upgrade to pandapro membership. In addition, many well-known restaurant and apparel brands have also joined in offering bonuses. The credit card also offers a 2% reward on purchases made at brick-and-mortar stores abroad. Collectively, these features comprise a complete payment ecosystem for cardholders.

foodpanda CEO Eva Huang said, “As Taiwan’s largest food delivery platform, foodpanda has deployed a diversified strategy to sustain growth momentum in the post-pandemic era, covering store pickups, dine-in promotions and pandago, as a result of which, pandapro membership has grown 20% compared to the same period in 2022. This year, the c-branded credit card with CTBC Bank not only offers rewards for food delivery orders but also for apparel purchases and shopping at bricks-and-mortar abroad. The goal is to create a more complete and more convenient shopping experience for cardholders.”

Spend smarter! The more you spend the more you earn! Order with your foodpanda credit card to earn up to 10% in rewards

The foodpanda x CTBC Bank co-branded card is available in six different designs and colorways in black, white or pink. Variations include ‘Pau-Pau enjoying xiaolongbao,’ ‘Pau-Pau enjoying boba milk tea,’ as well as designs featuring a closeup of Pau-Pau’s paws, ears, and tail, delighting cardholders with lovable designs and unbeatable perks.

  • Order with the foodpanda credit card to enjoy a 10% reward: foodpanda and CTBC Bank have teamed up to offer generous rewards; add your foodpanda X CTBC Bank credit card to the foodpanda app before Feb. 29, 2024 to get 10% of each order in panda coins, each valued at NT$1, with no cap on redemption.
  • Purchases at designated merchants eligible for 4% reward: the foodpanda x CTBC Bank co-branded credit card covers popular restaurant and apparel chains including McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Da Yung’s, Burger King, as well as UNIQLO, ZARA, and H&M, where purchases are eligible for a 4% reward, enabling customers to accumulate panda coins while dining on delicious food and shopping for new clothes, a must-have for value-minded credit card holders.
  • Earn 2% reward while shopping abroad: can’t be bothered with comparing different credit card deals? The foodpanda X CTBC Bank co-branded credit card is your solution! Enjoy an across-the-board uncapped 1% reward on all purchases domestic and unabroad; enjoy an uncapped 2% reward on purchases at brick-and-mortar stores abroad, great for the worry-free smart consumer!

Free upgrade to pandapro, enjoy an additional 31% discount; get carry-on trunk or electric wok as gift

Those who apply for the foodpanda X CTBC Bank co-branded credit card are eligible for a variety of welcome and first-time sign-up gift options as well as additional gifts upon meeting set spending amounts.

  • Perks for new CTBC Bank customers: Applicants who are approved before March 31, 2024 and who spend more than NT$888 within 30 days of approval may choose between the three following gift options: NT$500 worth of panda coins, a 20-inch carry-on trunk, a foodpanda electric wok; existing CTBC Bank credit card holders may start spending with their CTBC Bank x foodpanda credit card immediately to enjoy the discounts and do not need to wait until they’ve received the physical credit card.
  • Welcome gift for new card applicants: new applicants who are approved prior to March 31 2024 and spend NT$888 are eligible for welcome gifts consisting of one month of complementary pandapro membership for customers to try out unlimited orders without delivery fees, as well as a 31% discount on all food delivery and store pickup orders, and delivery orders for fresh produce and groceries. Get all kinds of discounts by ordering with foodpanda~
  • Additional gift on meeting spending amount: the foodpanda x CTBC Bank co-branded credit card offers a wide array of benefits. Applicants who are approved before March 31, 2024 and spend NT$3,000 within 90 days of approval are eligible for a Pau-Pau stuffed toy (limited to 5,000), a NT$200 Starbucks voucher (limited to 20,000), as well as six months of pandapro membership (limited to 20,000), limited while supplies last.

foodpanda and CTBC Bank have launched a co-branded credit card with the most comprehensive rewards, covering dining, apparel, as well as shopping domestically and abroad. For an upgraded experience, consumers may take advantage of the smarter, more cost saving solutions delivered by foodpanda.

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