foodpanda adds major brands to its growing quick-commerce retail arm 

May 23, 2023
foodpanda adds major brands to its growing quick-commerce retail arm 

Customers can now access over 50,000 stores on foodpanda shops, with orders delivered within an hour 

23 MAY 2023, APAC (SINGAPORE) – foodpanda customers can shop from a wider variety of retailers, and have their orders delivered in less than an hour, following a series of major brand collaborations across the region. In the past six months, over 200 major retailers with a total of over 2,000 outlets have gone live on foodpanda’s retail marketplace foodpanda shops, strengthening the delivery platform’s quick-commerce (q-commerce) services. 

Some major retailers that have recently come onboard foodpanda shops include Robinsons Easymart in the Philippines, as well as Giant Mini and AEON in Malaysia – specifically AEON Maxvalu, AEON Wellness, and Daiso. The addition of these retail partners provides more options for customers when purchasing groceries and other essentials, and  makes it even easier and faster for them to receive their orders. 

“Most people see shopping for groceries or everyday essentials as an errand, so they’d prefer doing it in the easiest and fastest way possible, and this is where q-commerce comes in. Having the ability to deliver a vast assortment of products quickly allows our retail partners to provide customers with what they want and when they want it – which places retailers at an advantageous position to cater to the growing demand for on-demand delivery services,” said Christian Urban, Director of Marketplace for New Verticals for foodpanda. 

Traditionally, orders for online purchases could only be delivered the next working day, at the very earliest. With q-commerce, waiting times are significantly shorter – now, foodpanda customers are able to place orders from a total of over 50,000 retail stores across the region, and have their orders delivered within the hour. By being able to offer on-demand deliveries, foodpanda’s partners can cater to more customers and their different needs, while also improving the shopping experience by providing shorter waiting times.

Being able to provide faster deliveries also helps retailers meet an expanded range of customers’ demands, such as last-minute ingredient refills, or urgent items like medicine. With foodpanda, retailers are able to be part of the q-commerce infrastructure, without the need for significant investments to set up a delivery ecosystem from scratch. 

Besides tapping on foodpanda’s existing logistics efficiencies to provide on-demand deliveries, merchant partners are also able to leverage foodpanda’s complementary features to increase sales. With foodpanda’s Partner Portal, retailers are able to gain business insights such as products that sell best, and use these to guide procurement and pricing strategies. Merchant partners can also participate in seasonal marketing campaigns or take advantage of additional traffic drivers, such as being featured in customised banners, or customer emailers.

“Q-commerce has shown that fast delivery services serve beyond impulse purchases, and have become an increasingly useful service for regular grocery top-ups or urgent needs. Convenience, reliability and speed will continue to be important factors that customers look for in their shopping experience, and grocers that are able to provide fast deliveries will find themselves being favoured over those that do not. By tapping on foodpanda’s technology and data infrastructure, retailers are able to expand their abilities to offer q-commerce, allowing them to better serve their customers’ evolving needs.” concluded Christian Urban.