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foodpanda and TabSquare jointly deliver AI-powered solutions to digitalise dining experiences in restaurants across Asia

July 26, 2023
foodpanda and TabSquare jointly deliver AI-powered solutions to digitalise dining experiences in restaurants across Asia

Restaurants can tap on the comprehensive joint tech solutions to digitise orders and payments, with personalised offline-to-online experience across delivery and dine-in

26 JULY 2023, APAC (SINGAPORE) – foodpanda, Asia’s largest food and grocery delivery network outside of China, and TabSquare, a Singapore-based provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered in-restaurant solutions, are jointly offering digital solutions for restaurants to streamline processes and elevate dining experiences. 

Under parent company Delivery Hero, the two brands are working with restaurants in Asia starting with Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan to digitise their ordering, payment, and customer engagement-related processes. Together, both companies will deliver digital solutions to the restaurant industry to help them create seamless offline-to-online dining experiences. This diversification will also help improve profitability for restaurants.

Using TabSquare, foodpanda’s restaurant partners can automate tedious tasks, enabling restaurant teams to be more time-efficient in the ordering process as customers can use digital menus to browse, order and pay at their pace and convenience. This ultimately results in a more seamless ordering and dining experience – accurate order placements, and reducing order delays in instances of resource constraints. 

“foodpanda stands for all things food; with our technology, we want to play a part in as many of our customers’ 120 monthly food interactions as possible,” said Jakob Angele, CEO, foodpanda. “Moving into QR ordering in restaurants was therefore a very natural choice for us. It allows us to offer great benefits to our 500,000 restaurants, helping them with their profitability by serving their customers better. I am absolutely convinced that in five years from now, restaurants worldwide will be using QR code-based ordering and paper menus will be a memory of the past.”

With foodpanda and TabSquare, restaurant partners can tap on the combined data and predictive technologies to improve how they engage and retain customers. Informed by customers’ purchasing history through data analytics, restaurants can improve their offerings, as well as identify trends in price sensitivity, volume, and menu preferences to personalise their customer’s subsequent experience. The restaurants can also use these insights to offer relevant promotions to attract and retain diners. 

From foodpanda and TabSquare’s data insights, restaurant partners that improve their customer experiences enjoy higher earnings. Restaurants using TabSquare are able to see up to 10% higher bill sizes, up to 50% reduction in staff costs and better customer satisfaction. At the same time, restaurants on foodpanda see an average of at least 10% uplift in business performance since joining the platform. 

Anshul Gupta, co-founder, TabSquare, said: “TabSquare has always tried to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry by bringing AI-powered solutions to boost restaurants’ revenue, streamline operations, and offer a better dining experience to their guests. With foodpanda, we will be bringing many new innovative features to the industry, for example, restaurants working with TabSquare can now promote themselves to foodpanda’s large customer base and attract new customers. They will also be able to collect payments more efficiently across multiple  payment methods. Together, we are making a collective attempt to move the restaurant industry further into the digital age, providing comprehensive and seamless online to offline solutions that will help restaurants become more efficient, improve profitability and drive better customer experience and engagement. ”

foodpanda was the first delivery company in Singapore to introduce dine-in features in 2021, in addition to delivery and pickup services, to help restaurant partners serve customers in more ways. Since 2022, over 8,000 restaurants across eight countries have started offering dine-in deals via foodpanda, offering customers discounts ranging from 15% to 25%. More than 100,000 pandapro users and foodpanda customers have since tried dining at restaurants they have previously not been to, thanks to  the dine-in benefits they get to enjoy. 

Interested restaurant partners can visit for more information.