Panda Purpose 2020 Panda Purpose 2020

panda purpose 2020

COVID-19 special edition

2020 has been quite a year for us all. COVID-19 has affected countries around the world, disrupting businesses and impacting economies on a global scale. As lockdowns and movement control measures went into effect, food delivery became an essential service virtually overnight.

The team at foodpanda reflected on 2020 and how our ecosystem changed in the past 12 months with the inaugural issue of Panda Purpose.

A COVID-19 special edition, Panda Purpose 2020 looks back on the year that our technology and platform have helped retail and restaurant partners, riders and customers navigate this “next normal.”

Read on to find out more or browse the Panda Purpose 2020 issue here.


creating economic opportunities for our everyday heroes
Close to US$750 million paid out to riders across 12 foodpanda markets in Asia since January 2020.
Almost US$700,000 spent on masks and hygiene kits across Asia to keep our riders safe.
More than half a million riders in Asia earn an income via foodpanda.

case study

’PandaTODA’: creating earning opportunities for tricycle drivers

On a regular day in the Philippines, thousands of tricycles ply the roads, ferrying commuters across the city. Due to the lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19, tricycle riders are faced with a grim reality with their incomes greatly affected.

In partnership with the local governments in key cities across the Philippines, foodpanda launched pandaTODA — a program that trains and turns tricycle riders into foodpanda rider partners. As part of pandaTODA, foodpanda and the respective city governments helped tricycle riders obtain the necessary permits and relevant passes required for food and grocery deliveries. In addition, foodpanda provided uniforms and thermal bags free of charge to all pandaTODA tricycle riders.

Through pandaTODA, foodpanda, with the support of city governments provided a new lifeline for tricycle riders, giving them new earning opportunities in the “next normal”.




digitalizing traditional restaurant and retail partners
There are close to 400,000 merchants across 12 markets in Asia who are earning revenues via the foodpanda platform.
More than 200,000 small businesses across Asia were onboarded in 2020 alone – a YoY increase of > 1700%!
In 2020, we gave > 8000 home chefs in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia the opportunity to earn an income via foodpanda.

case study

Empowering home chefs, uplifting lives

There’s nothing as comforting as a warm homemade meal. In Pakistan, foodpanda launched a platform for home chefs to share the joys of a home-cooked meal via our platform. This created a new earning opportunity for thousands of home-based chefs across the country.

A key component of the program has been to empower women in Pakistan, and over 60% of foodpanda’s home chefs are women. Partnering with the Punjab Skills Development Fund, foodpanda invested more than PKR 2 million in training and onboarding 50 underprivileged women to kickstart their home-chef businesses on foodpanda. Through partnerships with USAID, Masterclass Pakistan and College of Tourism & Hotel Management, foodpanda is providing regular training to our home chefs on topics like menu setting, food packaging, price setting and other culinary skills.

foodpanda is dedicated to making a difference in Pakistan and playing a role in the country’s economic development. In today’s challenging times, foodpanda aims to continue growing our community revenues via the foodpanda of home chefs in the new year.




providing access to a world of choice and convenience
More than half a million unique food, grocery and household essentials are available via pandamart locations across Asia. Our quick-commerce network delivers daily essentials to consumers within 30 minutes.
Almost 25,000 retail partners on foodpanda shops provide access to groceries, daily essentials, household goods and more!
Increase in cheaper food options in 2020, so more consumers are able to access food delivery.

case study

Delivering food and essentials safely: contactless by default

Protecting our community’s health is our top priority, and we always practice the highest standards of food hygiene, while encouraging the same among our partner restaurants.

As the COVID-19 situation concerns us all, we’ve gone the extra mile to introduce new measures that safeguard the health of all our customers, riders and employees. At the first announcement of social distancing, foodpanda implemented contactless delivery, making it the default option across the 12 markets in which we operate Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Japan.







1st player to launch the cutlery opt-out toggle on the app in December 2017. Between 2017 to 2020, we have saved over 160 million pieces of single-use plastic cutlery across Asia.
1st in Asia to launch the use of reusable containers through partnerships with barePack and Muuse in Singapore. Launched a pilot packaging-reuse programme with the city government in Tainan, Taiwan.
1st delivery platform to ban sharks’ fin products in February 2018 in Singapore, in partnership with WWF.



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