A strong advocate for using technology to improve lives, foodpanda’s tech is not just about giving customers greater convenience. Instead, it has used technology to create more opportunities for people to improve their lives.

As the largest food and grocery delivery platform in Asia outside of China, foodpanda has become a part of people’s everyday lives. In its first Social Impact Report, titled pandapurpose, foodpanda highlights the initiatives undertaken to address socio-economic and environmental sustainability challenges in Asia.

Download the report to find out foodpanda has broken new ground by using technology to enable a more inclusive community of merchants, riders and customers across the region.




Championing community growth

At foodpanda, we believe that building a thriving society involves creating a safe and conducive environment for individuals to grow and pursue their dreams. That means using technology to sustain livelihoods and working with local communities to flourish amid the pandemic.


Driving digital empowerment & inclusion

We believe in using technology to improve lives. Beyond delivering convenience to millions of lives in Asia, foodpanda believes technology can create more equal opportunities for individuals to thrive, regardless of age, gender or socio-economic background.


Building a generation of eco-heroes

“Getting 1% better every day” is the philosophy that drives our environmental initiatives. foodpanda aims to lead the sustainable transformation of the food delivery industry using technology. We are focusing on improving food sustainability, reducing plastic waste and achieving a low-carbon future.