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Year end travel must-haves: more than 2 million items to discover on foodpanda shops for the Ultimate Fuss-Free Packing List


  • foodpanda shops offers more than 2 million essentials across 12 markets in Asia to make travel packing fast and fuss-free
  • With access to over 45,000 retailers on foodpanda shops, customers can avoid queues and save time running errands with items delivered in 30 minutes


10 DECEMBER 2021 — APAC (SINGAPORE) — With borders reopening across the world, travelers can finally make their long-awaited trips abroad. Delivering more than 2 million travel essential items in 30 minutes, foodpanda shops simplifies the traveling experience amidst the pandemic. With over 45,000 retailers such as Watsons, Miniso, and 7-Eleven, foodpanda shops delivers in-flight and on-arrival travel essentials to customers’ doorsteps, minimizing long trips to the mall while keeping them safe at home. 


According to a ForwardKeys report on top 2021 travel trends, global international travel more than doubled from 16 percent of pre-pandemic levels to 36 percent. Meanwhile, 90 percent of individuals surveyed by IPK International found planning for their trips abroad challenging due to changing or unclear instructions on COVID-19 restrictions. 


“Many travelers across the region are excitedly waiting for the year-end holiday season where they can finally travel abroad after nearly two years. foodpanda shops hopes to make packing as simple as possible, enabling customers to access all their travel needs in one location,” said Christian Urban, foodpanda Head of Marketplace APAC. “These travel essentials are delivered as fast as 30 minutes, helping travelers to focus on what matters most – family reunions, a holiday homecoming, and business meetings.”


Health & Wellness

Travelers can obtain essentials to stay safe and comfortable during their trip with health and wellness essentials from Watsons (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) and Guardian (Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore). Other on-demand pharmacies on foodpanda shops include AllDay Pharmacy (Philippines), Boots (Thailand), Cosmed (Taiwan), CR Care (Hong Kong), Servaid Pharmacy (Pakistan), Tsuruha (Japan and Thailand), Unity (Singapore), and Wellington Pharmacy (Myanmar).


  • Covid-19 Protection – Stay safe with COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-testing kits, surgical masks, hand sanitisers, and wet wipes. 
  • Pamper Yourself – Sit back, relax, and hydrate with moisturizing face masks, hand and body lotions, and eye drops.
  • No Sweat –  Minimize any body discomforts with over-the-counter medication such as Panadol, Po Chai Pills, and Vicks Inhaler. 
  • Light Essentials – Stay light with cabin-friendly travel-sized toiletries such as toothbrush kits, body wash, sunblock lotion, and make-up wipes. 



Travelers will find mobile devices especially crucial when traveling amidst the pandemic to demonstrate proof of their vaccination status and ensure seamless contact tracing. With access to over 1,400 electronic stores such as E-Life Mall (Taiwan), Xiaomi (Singapore and Thailand) and Miniso (Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan) on foodpanda shops, travelers can ensure appliances stay powered for a hassle-free trip. 


  • Power Hungry – Keep your appliances and devices charged and running anywhere in the world with travel adaptors, power banks, multi-charging cables and more.
  • Noise Cancellation – Immerse in the world of in-flight entertainment and keep conversations private with a range of wireless earphones or wired headphones.


Food and Snacks

To avoid hunger pangs on late-night flights or early arrival, travelers can pack light and essential snacks from Shell Select (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand), 7-Eleven (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan) and Family Mart (Myanmar, Taiwan and Thailand) on foodpanda shops in their carry-on luggage. 

  • Bite-sized Energy – Stay fuelled on the road with energy bars, chocolates, cookies, instant noodles and more. 
  • Candy Crush  Chew gummies or fruit candies to help distract from the fear and discomforts of take-offs or turbulence while keeping mint candies or throat lozenges close as breath fresheners and to relieve ear pressure. 


Other convenience stores available on foodpanda shops include ABC Convenience (Myanmar), Circle K (Cambodia and Hong Kong), Jiffy (Laos and Thailand), and Lawson (Japan and Thailand). 


Unlocking convenience and speed with q-commerce on foodpanda shops

As a pioneer and market leader in quick commerce (q-commerce), foodpanda leverages its technology capabilities to make lives more convenient for customers, delivering items as quick as 30 minutes. foodpanda also connects retail partners with customers in their communities, enabling merchants to meet local demand and grow additional revenue streams. 



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