Uplifting home-based businesses in Pakistan: foodpanda Rewards its Top Performing Home Chefs!

March 4, 2021
Uplifting home-based businesses in Pakistan: foodpanda Rewards its Top Performing Home Chefs!

Karachi — 4 March 2021 — foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading food delivery app, has introduced their first ever Homechef reward program. The initiative aims to celebrate hundreds and thousands of home based vendor partners on the platform across the country. 

Like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic had also affected the livelihoods of many in Pakistan. Under such circumstances, foodpanda took on a new responsibility to help local businesses grow and provide an alternative economic opportunity for home based vendors while keeping them motivated to do more with their reward program. 

Under this reward program, top performing Home chefs will be recognized and awarded, in order to motivate them to maintain good performance in extremely tough times due to the pandemic. 

The program started in the first week of January, wherein star performance vendors were shortlisted, recognized and will be awarded on a monthly and quarterly basis. Providing medical and health insurance, visibility via premium placement in-app, marketing deals and discounts, culinary equipment, kitchen equipment and appliances and monetary benefits for each top performing vendor, the reward program has it all.

Haziq Ahmed, Head of Channel Development, foodpanda quoted, “The same is true with vendor achievement rewards, which recognize these home based vendors for their successes—and, by doing so, help to increase their motivation and engagement with the organization. Recognition awards help us to reinforce behaviors aligned with company goals and values, where each vendor strives to serve the customer in the best possible manner.”

He further added, “In addition to ensuring the safety of our riders, F&B and retail partners, and customers, the foodpanda team also looks into ways to innovate and provide avenues where small and underserved home-based businesses can operate and stay afloat. With this program, we are really turning these times of crisis into opportunities, especially for our female home chefs. We will continue to work hard on bringing on  more home-based entrepreneurs to join us on the platform as we navigate the next normal.”

To empower vendors all across the country, the awards will be distributed on city level as well. More than 100 vendors were awarded in January, including Rubina Khwaja from Kashmiri Kitchen. Based in Rawalpindi, Rubina Khawaja has been making delicious dishes and delivering them through foodpanda. After a family tragedy left her husband paralysed, Rubina’s home business has helped her support her family in times of need. A cooking enthusiast from a young age, she pursued it professionally after her husband was paralysed. Rubina specializes in Arabic Food – Mutabih, Falafel and Shawarma, selling more than 30 meals a day.

Rubina along with 100 other Home chefs were awarded with kitchen equipment, certificates and monetary benefits in January.  

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