foodpanda shops — SME feature stories from across Asia

More than 30,000 shops have gone digital in the past year alone on foodpanda, of which almost half are SMEs across various retail categories. Here are some of their stories:


Padma Store, Bangladesh
Category — Health & Wellness

“foodpanda has helped more varieties of SMEs digitalise in the past year” — Amit Sarder, Owner, 40


  • Amit joined foodpanda with a goal to expand his business, and earn brand recognition both online and offline. 
  • It coincided with rising consumer demand for health and wellness products in the face of a pandemic. 
  • He today enjoys healthy patronage from both online app users and physical purchases in his shop
  • In his words — foodpanda has helped his drugstore generate extra money, market demand & brand value


Gadget Mix, Singapore
Category — Electronics

“foodpanda made sustainable business growth possible despite the pandemic.” — Ray, 39, Owner


  • Ray took his independent consumer electronics store online in order to deal with the retail fallout of the pandemic. He noted that COVID 19 catalysed a shift in consumers’ purchasing habits towards online shopping, instead of visiting traditional brick & mortar stores.
  • Joining foodpanda was a necessary step to keep up with changing consumer behaviour trends, as well as to further expand our business into online platforms and accelerate growth.
  • Gadget Mix’s sales volume has more than doubled on foodpanda, thanks to the user-friendly interface and periodic promotions that help drive sales.


Oh My Veggies, Hong Kong
Category — Groceries

“foodpanda has brought us a lot of new customers and made us believe in the power of quick-commerce.” — Gordon C, 35, Owner

  • Gordon’s grocery shop, a renowned local neighbourhood store operating since the 1990s, was forced to stop physical sales because of COVID-19 restrictions in Hong Kong last year. Due to customer feedback and high demand, he turned to online sales to service his customers.
  • While Oh My Veggies had their own delivery service, Gordon realised that their next-day delivery model could not satisfy its customer base, who were looking for instant deliveries. They thus decided to leverage foodpanda shops’ 25-minute delivery services. 
  • Oh My Veggies has since expanded their business to include an outlet focused specifically on grocery deliveries.


Rahima General Store, Pakistan
Category — Groceries

“foodpanda has always been ready to support and uplift small local businesses, especially now, to help us during lockdowns.”  Dewan Sunny, 22, Owner


  • Dewan joined foodpanda shops with the objective of reaching out to more customers online when restrictions tightened during the onset of COVID-19
  • He credits his success on the platform to the support he has received from foodpanda in helping set up his store online and using online marketing campaigns to increase his customer reach
  • In particular, he thanks the supportive account management teams, who were helpful as he attempted to get his business online, offering tips on how and when to expand. foodpanda has also been proactive in helping Amit sort out any operational issues on the app, as he was getting used to it in the early stages.

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