foodpanda leads the fight against plastic waste through Delivery Hero’s global Sustainable Packaging Programme

  • foodpanda’s Berlin-headquartered parent company, Delivery Hero SE, launches a global Sustainable Packaging Programme to provide local restaurants with eco-friendly packaging solutions at a competitive cost
  • Piloting the concept in Austria, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Qatar, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, the company plans to expand the programme to more markets in the near future
  • Delivery Hero aims to deploy 10 million units of sustainable packaging by the end of 2022 to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions
  • After pledging to become carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021, the Sustainable Packaging Programme further reinforces Delivery Hero’s broader sustainability commitment

APAC, 27 July 2021 – Delivery Hero SE (“Delivery Hero”), the world’s leading local delivery platform and foodpanda parent company, today announces the launch of its global Sustainable Packaging Programme. This program will be piloted across eight countries globally, including Singapore and Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific region through the foodpanda app. It aims to provide local restaurants, both regionally and across the globe, with 100% plant-based and perfluoroalkoxy-alkanes (PFAS) free alternatives to plastic packaging. 

PFAS (commonly known as forever chemicals) are man-made compounds commonly used in food packaging to provide liquid and grease resistance. However, they are environmental pollutants as they cannot be broken down by nature and have also been linked to adverse human health eects [1]

Restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong can soon benefit from high-quality sustainable packaging from Delivery Hero, sold exclusively on the foodpanda platform, at aordable pricing; even compared to traditionally cheaper plastic options.

Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero, said: “Becoming more sustainable is an important part of Delivery Hero’s ambition to build a company that future generations can be proud of. By taking responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint through sustainable packaging, Delivery Hero aspires to pave the way for the industry and deliver a more climate friendly service for customers and communities around the world.

With the sales of sustainable packaging first made available to pilot markets via  Delivery Hero’s local brands foodpanda, mjam, PedidosYa, and talabat, Delivery Hero aims to deploy 10 million units by the end of 2022 and expand the programme to more regions. The company collaborates with Eco-Products and BIO-LUTIONS to provide a wide range of packaging products including burger boxes, compartment containers, salad bowls, soup and sauce containers.

In 2019, Delivery Hero invested in BIO-LUTIONS and supported the development of their innovative packaging solution. By incorporating their products into its business model, Delivery Hero sets an example for the industry to invest in companies that can positively impact their supply chain.

Leading the industry on plastic reduction in Asia

The launch of the Sustainable Packaging Programme is the latest initiative in foodpanda’s ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste. In Asia, foodpanda was the first platform to launch the cutlery opt-out toggle on the app in December 2017, saving over 160 million pieces of single-use plastic cutlery across the region by the end of 2020. foodpanda also drives plastic-reduction initiatives in-market — foodpanda Singapore was the first country to pilot a reusable packaging programme with local providers Muuse and BarePack. In Taiwan, foodpanda partners the local Environmental Protection Administration, Tainan City Government and GoodToGo on its pilot reusable packaging programme, while in Hong Kong, foodpanda partners recycling service provider Baguio iRecycle to advocate recycling among customers. 

Evelyn Tay, Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability said: “At foodpanda, doing our part and protecting our precious earth is an important priority. We are looking into multiple ways to find eco-safe ways to provide our customers with the food, groceries and products they need with lower environmental impact. This new sustainable packaging is a significant step in reducing plastic waste, together with our efforts to reduce carbon emissions on a regional and global level. With our partners, we can make a difference and drive real environmental change within the food and delivery industry.”

Delivery Hero has pledged to become carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021 and has already achieved carbon neutrality for its European and Latin American operations. Following its commitment to climate protection eorts, Delivery Hero is exploring emission reduction to narrow its carbon footprint. The Sustainable Packaging Programme is the company’s first global initiative to actively reduce carbon emissions produced by plastic packaging. For more information, please visit Delivery Hero’s sustainability webpage.

[1] – EPA – PFAS

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