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foodpanda partners Intellect to deliver personalised mental health support for employees across Asia via one-stop app

September 23, 2021
foodpanda partners Intellect to deliver personalised mental health support for employees across Asia via one-stop app
  • foodpanda partners with Intellect, Asia’s fastest growing mental health tech company, to introduce a comprehensive mental health app for employees
  • foodpanda is one of Intellect’s largest regional partners, giving employees across 12 markets access to guided tips for managing mental well-being and access to licensed psychologists and certified behavioural health coaches via the app. It complements foodpanda’s existing mental health resources such as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
  • The app was first rolled out in a three-month pilot programme in April 2021 for employees in Singapore.



Ingo Laubender, Head of People at foodpanda chats with Theodoric Chew, CEO and co-founder of
on how technology has changed mental health support in the workplace.


23 SEPTEMBER 2021, SINGAPORE — foodpanda partners with Intellect, Asia’s fastest growing mental health tech company, to deliver a one-stop, mental health support platform for employees across 12 markets. The app provides employees with immediate and personalised mental health support, as well as direct access to local mental health experts in their communities. The app is available in over 10 Asian languages, providing users with the flexibility to navigate the app’s features in their preferred language. 

With mental well-being an important consideration against the COVID backdrop, foodpanda placed employees’ mental well-being firmly at the heart of the decision in addition to the company’s growing list of mental health initiatives. In April 2021, employees in Singapore participated in a three-month pilot programme to test the app and gauge its capacity to support them in managing day-to-day stress. The results of the trial were overwhelmingly positive – 98 percent of employees surveyed said they welcomed the Intellect app as a support tool in their daily lives. Today, over 250 employees based in Singapore have registered to use the app. The app will complement foodpanda’s existing mental health resources to provide employees with well-rounded healthcare in the company.


Technology for good

Mr Ingo Laubender, Head of People at foodpanda, has made it his priority to build a psychologically safe workplace for employees even before the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“I want foodpanda’s employees to feel psychologically safe in the workplace and there is no better way to do it than with technology which helps them access support in a quick and convenient manner. With the Intellect app, we can provide personalised support for employees working in different countries, which is especially important when COVID has prevented in-person meetings and travels.

The app can be a ‘friend’ that employees lean on, especially when they need immediate mental health support. It also destigmatises the notion of speaking to a licensed professional. The app will not only help our team grow more resilient but also empower employees to use the skills learnt to support their loved ones.”


Personalising mental health through technology

According to a 2020 survey conducted by Intellect, employees across industries reported increasing burnout and disengagement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, a 2021 survey conducted by Cigna’s 360 Well-Being Survey reported that more than seven in 10 employees (72%) ranked mental health as the most important influence on their personal health and well-being, just ahead of physical health (70%). 

Theodoric Chew, co-founder and CEO of Intellect shares: “The pandemic has greatly blurred work-life balance and reduced social interactions, leaving employees feeling isolated and disengaged at work. However, we also see greater mental health awareness as companies are recognising that their employees’ workplace satisfaction and productivity are directly linked to their mental well-being.

We are pleased to partner with foodpanda who is championing mental health awareness and well-being among their employees. Through our app, employees have access to an end-to-end comprehensive mental health system. This includes self-care and skills building programmes, telehealth consultations and rescue sessions, providing preventable, relatable, and stigma-free mental health support.”