foodpanda Hong Kong expresses gratitude to couriers with little gifts

October 22, 2020
foodpanda Hong Kong expresses gratitude to couriers with little gifts

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, there has been high demand for food and
grocery delivery services. In order to express our gratitude to the hardworking couriers who
ensure that all customers’ orders are met, foodpanda has set up “Power Up Spots” at all 10 of
our pandamart locations to offer drinks and snacks (including Vita Pure Distilled Water,
BE-KIND Snack Bars and Pacific Saltine Soda Crackers) to the fleet, helping them to fuel their
day. foodpanda will set up these spots more regularly in the future to give away little gifts to
couriers as tokens of appreciation.

On the other hand, foodpanda also distributed special gift sets to the couriers for Mid-Autumn
Festival, including mini custard mooncakes made by a local popular bakery Say Hey Bakery, as
well as a portable fan and a collapsible umbrella. foodpanda hopes that these gifts could bring
happiness to them during the festive holiday.

Given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, foodpanda is planning to carry out another round
of face masks and hand sanitizer distribution to couriers. We will continue to remind our
couriers to follow our stringent guidelines when completing a delivery, such as wearing a face
mask at all times, and sanitizing their hands and thermal bags regularly, so as to protect their
health and safety as well as that of our customers.