foodpanda announces nationwide coverage in Thailand — the first food delivery platform to operate across all 77 provinces

November 11, 2020
foodpanda announces nationwide coverage in Thailand —  the first food delivery platform to operate across all 77 provinces
  • Driven by a  very strong hyperlocalization strategy, foodpanda brings opportunities to grow in the digital economy to vendors and riders across the country
  • The number of restaurants has increased by more than 70,000, allowing local eateries to have access to the digital economy and grow with the industry. The orders have grown by 10 times and this means more income for the riders as well. 
  • Consumers enjoy quick and convenient deliveries and a nationwide 11.11 campaign with exclusive deals to celebrate the milestone

Bangkok – November 11, 2020  – foodpanda, a leader in the food delivery industry has announced its milestone of achieving nationwide coverage, becoming the first and only operator to offer delivery services in all 77 provinces across Thailand. This marks a significant milestone for foodpanda, which was present in 27 provinces only last year. 

Launched in 2012 as one of the first food delivery players in Thailand, foodpanda is driven by a strongly hyperlocalized strategy built on deep understanding of its consumers and restaurant partners. foodpanda provides earning opportunities for its riders, as well as helping its restaurant and retail partners grow their online businesses, stimulating growth of the local digital economy while also offering a quick and convenient delivery service for consumers. Local restaurants, grocery stores and riders across the country have benefitted from additional earning opportunities via the foodpanda platform. 

Over the past year, foodpanda has welcomed more than 70,000 new restaurants to its platform, allowing new businesses to emerge in the new normal. The number of orders has also increased by 10 times, which means more income for the riders as well.

Mr Alexander Felde, Managing Director and Co-founder of foodpanda (Thailand)

who has been leading foodpanda Thailand since its beginning, said, “As a pioneer in the food delivery scene in Thailand, we’ve witnessed the tremendous growth of the food delivery industry over the past eight years. We’ve seen thousands of businesses grow their businesses and thousands of riders earning a living via a foodpanda platform and today, we’re very proud to provide these opportunities to many thousands of vendors and riders across Thailand with our coverage off all 77 provinces.” 

“By growing our footprint nationwide, foodpanda creates a sustainable ecosystem even outside the big cities by helping small stores in small communities in every province, so that they can earn more and maintain a better digital presence to keep up with changing consumer needs. With more consumers turning to deliveries for their food and daily essentials, this also creates more opportunities for riders to earn a living via the platform. As we work together to transit to a new normal, businesses must continue to adapt and innovate and foodpanda is committed to developing our services to meet the needs of our community in Thailand,” he added.   

At a press conference announcing the new milestone, Mr Felde also shared that 2020 has been and challenging year for the industry — the pandemic has affected the way foodpanda and its ecosystem operate. Therefore,consumer behavior has changed because of COVID-19, and more people are using quick and convenient deliveries for food, groceries, daily essentials and more. foodpanda had accelerated the rollout of its services to meet the changing needs of consumers. The number of orders in the first four months of 2020 was higher than the total orders of 2019. As foodpanda continues to improve its services, it has been able to shorten the average delivery time to under 20 minutes.

In addition to online food deliveries, which foodpanda has been offering in Thailand for over eight years, in September, the company also introduced pandaMart, which offers groceries and daily essentials,with plans to expand to major cities. Recently, the service has been introduced in Chiang Mai to test the market before expanding further to other regions. In celebration of the nationwide milestone, foodpanda will also be launching a marketing campaign so consumers can enjoy exclusive deals in the Delicious Nationwide campaign offer buy 1 get 1 free offers from more than 4,000 participating restaurants, and vouchers for on-top discounts are offered – PINK37 (37 baht discount with a minimum order of 149 baht) and PINK77 (77 baht discount with a minimum order of 249 baht). The vouchers can be used nationwide from November 11, 2020 to December 15, 2020. Stay tuned for other weekly surprise codes throughout the month, exclusively at foodpanda!

With this campaign, foodpanda thanks its consumers’ for their support over the past eight years, as well as partner restaurants and dedicated riders who have offered the best service to our consumers.