foodpanda and Unilever announce partnership to expand on-demand ice-cream delivery across Asia through pandamart, Asia’s largest cloud grocery network

  • foodpanda and Unilever partner to provide 24/7 on-demand deliveries of more than 20 varieties of Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and Walls ice-cream products via pandamart, Asia’s largest cloud grocery delivery network, and foodpanda shops
  • To show appreciation to riders for being in the frontline, foodpanda and Unilever will distribute over 20,000 ice cream products to riders in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand 
  • Beyond on-demand ice cream delivery, Unilever will tap into foodpanda’s q-commerce expertise and expand its consumer engagement via the foopanda platform


17 JUNE 2021, SINGAPORE — Ice-cream delivered on-demand to your doorstep, no matter the weather, in 25 minutes! foodpanda and Unilever partner to expand on-demand ice-cream deliveries across Asia via foodpanda’s pandamart cloud stores and foodpanda shops. Customers can now beat the heat and order over 20 varieties of Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and Wall’s ice-cream products any time of the day via foodpanda.

With more than 200 cloud stores across eight markets in Asia, pandamart is Asia’s largest network of cloud grocery stores. Through the partnership, Unilever is leveraging foodpanda’s quick-commerce (or q-commerce) tech infrastructure and extensive logistics network to reach a wider customer base on-demand, across Asia.

foodpanda and Unilever celebrates frontline rider heroes

To show their appreciation to riders who carry out essential delivery services in the frontlines of the pandemic, foodpanda and Unilever will distribute over 20,000 ice-cream products to foodpanda riders in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. From mid June 2021, foodpanda riders will be able to collect their free ice-cream treat conveniently from local rider hubs. More information will be shared locally. 

Expanding on-demand deliveries of ice cream with pandamart 

The foodpanda partnership with Unilever will be rolled out in phases across the region this year, first in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and later on in Pakistan and the Philippines.

“Ice-cream is an impulse item and one of the most expandable categories. Our partnership with foodpanda helps us serve consumers by delivering smiles to their doorsteps in less than 25 minutes! In times like these, our partnership helps us spread happiness to customers all around Asia, within minutes!,” said Sapan Sharma, Chief Delivery Officer at Unilever.

“We’re thrilled about this opportunity to be chosen by Unilever as a delivery partner, especially when we can celebrate this partnership with a special treat for our riders,” said Abhishek Sahay, Senior Director of New Verticals. “As customers increasingly turn to foodpanda for their daily needs, we continue to invest in our technology and q-commerce network to grow our daily offerings with both big and small retail partners.”

Leading on-demand deliveries via q-commerce in Asia 

In May 2021, foodpanda reported that orders for its q-commerce verticals, including both foodpanda shops and pandamart, grew more than 450% year-on-year across the platform in Asia. As customers stay home amidst the pandemic, foodpanda saw orders for fresh produce on pandamart grow 250% in six months between October 2020 and March 2021, while total grocery goods orders grow almost 160% (or 2.5 times), as customers turn to foodpanda for fast, safe and convenient on-demand home deliveries.

Beyond pandamart, customers in Singapore can also find Unilever’s assortment of ice cream brands via the brand’s virtual store on foodpanda shops, while customers in Malaysia can enjoy the same via the main food delivery vertical.

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