Delivering Safe: foodpanda Introduces Insurance Packages for its Home Chefs

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Karachi, 25 February 2021foodpanda Pakistan, the largest food delivery platform in Pakistan, has collaborated with Chughtai Lab to provide free insurance coverage to its Home Chefs.

Under this partnership, insurance cards will be distributed to the Home chefs, enabling them to avail health insurance and discounts on various medical tests, at any Chughtai Lab, present in more than 50 cities nationwide.

While speaking at the signing ceremony held at foodpanda headquarters, Haziq Ahmed, Head of Channel Development, foodpanda stated “This partnership endorses our promise to bring value to our home chef community. They should feel part of something bigger than just being a seller on our platform. Chughtai Lab is one of the top names in the health sector and we are super grateful for them to join hands with us in these tough times, in order to ensure safety of our Home chef community.”

Javaria Khan – Head of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Chughtai Lab added “We are delighted to announce our partnership with foodpanda as their corporate health partner. In lines with our vision to make healthcare accessible for everyone, we have established corporate partnerships to increase our reach across Pakistan. Our teams work dedicatedly to fulfill the healthcare needs of our partners and ensure their wellbeing. We look forward to a great healthcare partnership and collaboration with foodpanda.”

Elaborating on the benefits of the insurance card, Muhammad Ahmed, Senior Associate Home chef Partnerships, foodpanda added “Our aim is to secure our Home chefs, financially and otherwise. These cards will provide the relevant healthcare support, especially during these challenging times. Each card will be valid for 2 years and upto 7 family members of each cardholder are entitled to avail the services.  Other benefits include a 20% discount on any lab test or doctor consultation at Chughtai Medical Centers.”

The insurance card will provide discounted services on radiology, Homecare Services and The Chughtai Pharmacy. This is one of foodpanda’s many initiatives that envision creating a valuable ecosystem for its home chefs, committing to providing them subsidized benefits. 

With over 20,000 restaurant partners across the country and millions of food deliveries every month, foodpanda is Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce and food delivery company. foodpanda provides self-employment income opportunities to thousands of home chefs and delivery riders to earn a successful living as and when they choose to. If  you also have a knack for cooking and want to double your earning while staying at home; register as a foodpanda Home chef today:

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foodpanda and Pizza Hut enter into strategic arrangement, expanding delivery network

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Karachi —17 February 2021 — Pakistan’s favourite food delivery platform, foodpanda, has entered into a strategic partnership with Pizza Hut as their delivery partners for global and local expansion. 

The partnership expects to grow the number of delivery outlets for Pizza Hut by an estimated 150% by the end of 2021. Under this partnership, foodpanda Pakistan will also support Pizza Hut to achieve growth targets and launch new products.

foodpanda aims to empower and rev the country’s economy in these challenging times by helping stakeholders in reaching the right audience through their delivery platform. 

Welcoming Pizza Hut as a strategic partner, CEO foodpanda Pakistan, Nauman Sikander, said 

“Through our strategic partnership with Pizza Hut, our objective is to transform the delivery industry. Leveraging foodpanda’s core strength of a robust delivery network, and Pizza Hut’s business strength of distinct and superior products, this partnership will enhance the customer experience overall, ensuring super fast food deliveries.” 

Arsalan Mahmood, CCO Pizza Hut Pakistan, added:

“Pizza Hut is Pakistan’s largest and most loved restaurant chain with over 100 restaurants across the country. We are always looking for ways to make our customers’ experience more lovable. We view our partnership with foodpanda as an extension of our delivery business and with this renewed strategic partnership, we are certain that our distinct and superior products and their robust delivery channel, we can make the customers’ experience more memorable.”

foodpanda Pakistan is the country’s leading online delivery marketplace offering a convenient app and web based platform to order food, groceries and essential items from thousands of restaurants and shops nationwide. 

With over 20,000 restaurants, home chefs, shops and pandamart across more than 40 cities, foodpanda aims to generate business growth and employment opportunities for Pakistanis, especially women, all over the country.

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foodpanda Pakistan launches pandago: an on demand delivery service for businesses

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Karachi — 16 February 2021 — Pakistan’s largest and most reliable food delivery platform, foodpanda, has launched its on Demand Rider Service for businesses in Pakistan, which will be available in more than 40 cities nationwide. 

Introduced as ‘pandago’, this service will enable vendors to request a rider on demand, through the website. The service is available to all businesses, regardless of whether they are listed on the foodpanda platform.

Possessing a fleet of more than 20,000 riders, this service ensures an average delivery time of less than 25 minutes for each order. Businesses requiring package-delivery services will now be able to request a rider via a pandago account on a pay-per-use basis. The service’s delivery fees are distance-based, charged over a base fee of PKR 65.

With no additional onboarding and commission fees, the service can also be used as an “emergency” solution for businesses with existing delivery capacities during a surge in demand.

With foodpanda’s strong logistical network in place, pandago will allow vendors to focus on growing their business, catering to a larger customer base while ensuring seamless deliveries. Every customer who signs up to the service, will have access to a real time tracking system that will help them manage their transactions and ensure transparency. 

The process has been kept very simple and easy-to-use for vendor’s convenience.  As soon as a vendor receives an order via any channel, they can request for a rider on pandago. While they focus on preparing their order, foodpanda’s rider will arrive to collect and deliver it to the customer’s pin location.

Muntaqa Peracha, Director Commercials stated, “With the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have begun to change the way they shop. Speed and convenience is becoming more important than ever before. Over the years we have worked towards bringing accessibility, value and variety to customers through our network. With pandago, vendors can sign up and leverage our delivery network to reach a large customer base, ensuring hassle free deliveries.”

Raafay Munir, Head of New Verticals added, “The launch of pandago aims to solve logistical challenges, for businesses of all sizes particularly small ones, so that they can focus solely on their core business strengths and operations. Businesses can now request a rider whenever the need arises against a base fee of PKR 65, irrespective of whether they are listed on foodpanda’s platform or not. With our logistical expertise as a leading Q-Commerce company, each rider ensures that the package is delivered safely and timely with vendors having the option to track every delivery real-time.”

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foodpanda leads on-demand grocery delivery in Asia with the launch of its 150th pandamart

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  • Now available in eight markets, pandamart is Asia’s largest network of cloud grocery stores offering thousands of items including daily essentials and fresh produce from SMEs and local grocers
  • Average delivery time for orders is 25 minutes
  • The “cloud store” retail concept for on-demand deliveries leverages technology and data points to shape online grocery-purchase behaviour amidst COVID-19 pandemic
  • foodpanda aims to launch pandamart in all 12 operating markets by 2021

foodpanda today announced the launch of its 150th pandamart in Asia. With its first store launched in Singapore in October 2019, pandamart, foodpanda’s grocery cloud store network, has since been rolled out to 40 cities, across eight markets in the region — Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. With this milestone, foodpanda now operates Asia’s largest network of cloud grocery stores, providing consumers with easy access to more than 4,000 grocery and household products, delivered within 25 minutes. 

Operating the cloud store concept with pandamart

pandamart cloud stores are purpose-built for deliveries only, with no walk-in retail storefront. Technology and data intelligence form the foundation of every pandamart — from determining its location, to the products carried in each store and how inventory is arranged within the space for maximum picking efficiency, so groceries and household essentials can be efficiently packed and delivered on-demand to consumers. Products available via pandamart include household essentials from global brands like P&G and Unilever, as well as fresh produce from local grocers. pandamart also carries plant-based and sustainably-grown produce and products on the platform.

The global pandemic has changed the way people obtain food, groceries and other daily essentials. Research firm Forrester reported that grocery is the fastest-growing category in the APAC region, with the adoption of online grocery services expected to grow 30% from 2019 to 2024 and online penetration doubling from 5.1% in 2020, to 10.6% in 2024. 

This trend corresponds with the surge in consumer demand that foodpanda saw on its platform. Across the region, the number of first-time customers ordering groceries via foodpanda more than doubled between the first and second half of 2020 — a trend that continues to grow in 2021. The goal for relatively newer markets like Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines is to make pandamart available to consumers nationwide. This has already been achieved in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong where the service was launched earlier.

A regional look at how pandamart leverages technology for accessibility, variety and speed

With location intelligence and data trend insights, pandamart locations are strategically chosen to make grocery deliveries accessible to communities for both major cities and suburban areas. 

In Malaysia, pandamart became an essential service when the Movement Control Order (MCO) went into effect earlier this year, with grocery orders increasing by almost 70% in the single month of January 2021. Recognising the importance of supporting local food producers, pandamart worked with local partners to source more than 60% of products in Malaysia, offering consumers locally-produced products such as vegetables and soft drinks. 

Across the Causeway, pandamart in Singapore offers one of the largest variety of products across the region, with some cloud stores stocking over 5,000 unique products. In addition to groceries and household essentials, Singapore’s pandamart also carries unique offerings from well-loved homegrown SME brands such as Ooh Mala Chips, Ice Cream Cookie Co., Prima Taste and more. With an increasing number of consumers seeking plant-based meat alternatives, pandamart Singapore also offers products from Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and Quorn.

In Pakistan where 24/7 on-demand grocery delivery is relatively new, pandamart offers a convenient option for consumers to receive their essentials delivered to their doorsteps quickly and safely. On average, pandamart deliveries in Pakistan are completed in under 20 minutes

Shaping new grocery shopping preferences

To meet fast-changing consumer needs and preferences, foodpanda has invested to grow its q-commerce, or quick commerce, offerings. Beyond its core food delivery vertical, foodpanda is accelerating the rollout of pandamart and foodpanda shops in partnership with retailers, to offer consumers greater convenience, speed and variety. 

“Launching 150 pandamart across 40 cities in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task, but foodpanda realised the critical importance in bringing our consumers what they really needed quickly and safely, especially during times of movement constraints,” said Abhishek Sahay, Director of New Verticals at foodpanda. “Now that we’re operating in eight markets, our goal in 2021 is to take pandamart into more cities within our existing markets, plus launch pandamart in all 12 operating markets by the end of 2021.” 

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