Two Michelin Star Restaurant Signed by foodora

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Berlin, April 22 2016 — foodora, the delivery service for popular local restaurants, today announced its partnership with &samhoud places, making the Amsterdam restaurant the first two Michelin star-winner to offer delivery.

“We’re extremely honoured that a restaurant at this level would trust us with their food and we are excited to be bringing it to the homes of food-lovers of Amsterdam,” said Julian Dames, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at foodora.

Indeed, that is the trend evidenced by the past few years, as food delivery has evolved from greasy fast-food to more and more sophisticated offerings, culminating in this latest partnership.

“The perception of food delivery is completely changing, and I think our partnership with &samhoud places is powerful evidence of that,” said Dames.

“Of course a restaurant doesn’t need a Michelin star to be amazing. It could be a food-cart on the side of the road. But this just shows how much room there is for food-lovers and restaurants to connect in new ways that we had never imagined before.”

foodora uses insulated delivery containers and a routing algorithm to ensure that food arrives efficiently and in a way that it looks and tastes just as if it has come from the kitchen. This is important when delivering the carefully-crafted dishes on &samhoud places’ menu, such as Miral duck in a lacquer of sake, soy and apricot, and black risotto with zucchini, eggplant, spring onions and spinach.

&samhoud places is the brainchild of chef Moshik Roth, who has previous experience at the three Michelin-starred De Librije, also in the Netherlands. He opened the restaurant in 2012 and it won two Michelin stars that year.

“It’s a bit terrifying for a chef to relinquish control of presentation,” said Roth. “But we like a challenge. This is a unique opportunity to make Michelin-level dining more accessible. I love the idea of people enjoying my cooking on their own tables with their own plates.”